Friday, October 28, 2016

Holy Fire Reiki and Forgiveness.   I first became acquainted with Holy Fire Reiki in August 2015, in beautiful Hana on Maui.   My Holy Fire Reiki journey ever since has been both life altering and incredible. The Holy Fire energy emerged in January 2014 as a new Reiki energy.  This energy is elegant, loving and so powerful in all that it heals.   I find it allows us to live with more confidence and grace especially in our relationships with others.
   Like everyone else, I had my own past issues to resolve and eventually release.   So many of us walk around holding onto old issues and anger, don’t we? It is like dragging heavy pieces of luggage around everywhere we go, except that we never ever need it! We all have a choice whether to keep this energy or to set it free.  Yes, this is much easier said than done! 
   When I became a Reiki practitioner, I decided this energy no longer served me and definitely incompatible with my goal to enhance my own Reiki energy. I began my own healing journey some years ago.  What I discovered however, with Holy Fire Reiki is that I can heal serious emotional issues more quickly, than with traditional Usui Reiki.
   This past year, I had a recurring issue that kept returning. Emotionally, it was very difficult, hurtful and weighed on me constantly.   When, I look back at my life, I know this issue to be central in many difficulties I’ve experienced.  I also know, the Universe keeps sending these things back your way until you learn the lesson you need in order to move on.   This year, it was my time to move on from this disrespectful pattern of behavior, which I allowed into my life. 
   One incident was incredibly painful and inflicted by a person very close to me.  I spent the following day in Holy Fire meditation and the charge around the incident vanished and I actually experienced compassion for the other person.   I also forgave him, which was so much easier than in the past.  I think it helps me to know that forgiveness is simply forgiveness.  It does not mean, that you condone the offensive behavior or act.  It feels like I just got rid of one of those heavy bags that I have been dragging around most of my life.   I feel lighter now and better energy now replaces this old energy.
  Since then, I have dealt with two other issues that followed this same pattern.   In one situation, an important relationship improved.   The other, involved a highly toxic person, who has done and said very malicious and false things about me to many people in my circle.   However, with the Holy Fire, this behavior no longer has any power over me and I no longer accepted the negative energy directed towards me from this person.  I also no longer feel any anger, doubt or any other negative emotion associated with this person, I have healed and moved on. The ability to forgive someone and release those negative emotions is so empowering!
   I am ever grateful to the Holy Fire for the power of forgiveness and affording me the grace and confidence to end this recurring issue in my life.   I am excited to let in more light into my life and getting rid of that heavy, useless luggage.   Namaste.

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