Thursday, July 16, 2020

Reiki Grounds Me

   Many of us who come to Reiki, do so as we are connected to the flow of energy and emotions around us.   So many of us can feel the emotions of others and the energies of the collective emotions of communities.   If we do not self-manage well, these energies and emotions can become ours, and it can be hard to distinguish what is ours and what is not.

  Lately, I have noticed an overwhelming collective energy with very negative tones including anger, fear, entitlement, defiance, feeling unfocused, disconnected and hopelessness. The message accompanying these emotions is that you cannot do anything about changing them.  The good news is that message is not true! Recently, I had a negative interaction with a colleague and I stewed in anger that I could not shake.  This is a very rare experience for me until I realized I was caught up in the slipstream of negative emotions I mentioned earlier.   

   For me this latest episode felt like being caught in the Ghostbusters “River of Slime” of negative emotions and that I was being swept along without any control.  Then one of my spiritual guides reminded me that this way of thinking is victim mentality. I know that Reiki can lift me out of this experience whenever I turn to it.

   I can choose what energy and emotions I want to accept into my life and being.   Blindly accepting them lets us fall into the victim role.  The two most powerful things in my life to self-manage various energies is the power of choice and Reiki.  I often turn to Reiki mediation to gain focus and clarity in my life and to overcome the tidal wave of energy that comes from others.  As a result of my Reiki mediation, I am bathed in positive energy, am calm, grounded, and compassionate and can quickly navigate past from the torrent of negative emotions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Online Reiki Now Offered!

A Beautiful New Energy Emerges.   In March 2020, a beautiful new energy emerged which empowers Holy Fire® III Reiki Masters to conduct online Reiki classes.  The Holy Fire® Reiki energy continually adapts to the world as evidenced by numerous energetic upgrades since 2014.  This latest upgrade now allows Holy Fire® III Reiki Masters to effectively conduct placements and ignitions online to students, which was not possible prior to this upgrade.  At a time of social distancing and COVID-19, Reiki is even more important in our lives.  This energetic upgrade is urging us to quickly provide Reiki to more and more people for their health and emotional well-being.   Exciting isn’t it?  Experience the beautiful and loving Holy Fire® Reiki energy now!

The Art of You offers the following Online Reiki Services:

  • All classes from Usui/Holy Fire III ® Reiki I through Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master.
  • Online Reiki Upgrade Class for Holy Fire® III Reiki Masters and above.
  • Reiki Meditation.
All classes will be taught via Zoom.  Reiki manuals will be mailed in advance to students and students can pay online.   For more information or to schedule a class contact Denise.  Looking to join a class already scheduled?  Be sure to check our Facebook page for the current schedule.