Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Healing White Light.   Welcome to my Reiki blog!   I love the healing energy of Reiki and am constantly amazed by its presence and healing. This beautiful energy is available to us at any time.  Often those of us who are drawn to energy work and healing are called light workers, a cool name if you ask me!

  A few weeks ago, my sister and youngest niece came to visit me at my home in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We have a very strong connection and our time together is precious.  Several years ago, they completed their Reiki II training with me.   During this latest visit, I gave them a Holy Fire Reiki II placement to upgrade their Reiki II energy.  The results were immediate and their confidence and ability to use Reiki grew significantly due to the Holy Fire!  This later turned out to be a great thing for me.

  When time allows, I like follow my classes with time to connect with nature.   We were fortunate to do so on this day and set off on my favorite hike.   It was a beautiful fall morning and this trail has some very strong spiritual energy.   At one point, my sister felt she needed to stop and take a picture.  The result was this photo, where you see the pure white light streaming into the forest around us.  We could not see this light with our eyes, it simply showed up when she took the photo.   It serves as a great reminder that the Healing Light of Reiki is always with us, even if we cannot see it!

  A few minutes later, I ended up twisting my knee.  In my lifetime I have experienced many injuries especially to the knee, and this felt like those times where I have torn a ligament.   My sister helped me out of the stream and we all immediately began to give my knee Reiki.   I was stunned, that I was able to walk out on my own for the last mile! During this time we each shared with the others, the individual lessons and personal insights we gained from this experience. 

  I am ever grateful to the healing white light of Reiki and its constant presence in my life and those around me.   It still continues to surprise me in the pure nature of its healing.

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