Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Art of Compassion for Yourself.   I find that many of us called to Reiki and other healing modalities are very giving and compassionate to others.  However, we often neglect to give compassion to ourselves. Being compassionate with one’s self is equality important as the compassion we show others.
   This subject came into focus for me recently.  I am in the midst of a major life transition now, which can be a little scary, but is also quite exciting. The transition emerged as I was to begin a Reiki retreat in Sedona over the Labor Day weekend.  I consider that rather great timing!   During the retreat, I was reunited with incredible, loving friends who are great supporters in my life.   One afternoon, we went to a Reiki share with about 20 others.  While there, I noticed a man with a special energy and bearing who was moving around the room helping others.   I had hoped for his presence when it was my turn to receive Reiki.  He sensed this and joined my friends as they were giving me Reiki.
    Afterwards, I hugged him and thanked him.  He did not say much, except to say, “Be nice to you” as he placed a comforting hand on his cheek.   Those few words were so powerful and so well timed, you cannot imagine.
    I think many of us hear from our “inner critic” more than we desire.   You know this is the voice that criticizes who we are and what we do.  Who says things, like; “you are stupid”, “you will fail”, “you are ugly” and so on.   I think most of us have some of this going on internally.   Isn’t it interesting, if we heard another person say these to someone else, we would find it at best offensive, demeaning and perhaps even abusive?
    So why do we allow this in ourselves?  Perhaps we may not be aware of the extent this occurs daily.   Maybe, it would be useful to keep a log just for a day or week of these internal criticisms we hear.  Each time we hear one, we write it down. I imagine, seeing this compilation would inspire action to change. Now, when I hear a criticism, I am so much more aware and I recall “Be nice to you” and use that instead.   This new self-compassion gives me even greater energy, trust and empowerment to move into a new direction.   It also enhances my compassion and forgiveness for others!  Namaste.

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